Cycnos is a young company – we build upon the deep experience of our team. The project experience comprises for example:

Strategy and business building

  • Strategy development and creation of an „investor story“ for a German company in the basic materials sector
  • Support of the strategy development and the business plan for the European business of a leading global company for industrial gases
  • Development of the new corporate strategy for a leading European tour operator (incl. corporate finance plan and capital market implications)
  • Development of a business plan, organizational structure and processes and implementation plan for a newly founded business and brand for power and gas retail
  • Strategy development, organizational design and implementation support for a newly founded global trading business (subsidiary to a global energy major)

Management control, planning and investment decision making

  • Benchmarking and new development of processes, methods, models and criteria for investment decision making for a leading global chemical company
  • New design of the corporate steering model for a European energy company
  • Redesign of the corporate reporting system and steering model (in particular performance indicators) for a Scandinavian multinational energy company
  • Development of a performance management system for a global oil trading company
  • Compensation framework for a global trading business unit of a European energy company
  • Build-up of a dynamic financial planning model and process for a leading international airline Company

Risk management and trading

  • Build-up of a global trading house for energy (power, CO2, gas, coal, oil)
  • Development of an integrated market and credit risk measurement model for a leading Europan energy trading company
  • Development of an Enterprise Risk Management System (organisation, models, processes) for a leading international energy companies
  • Development of a risk management model and a new risk management organization for the commodity procurement of a leading global food company
  • Review of the risk management approach (organisation, models, processes) of a European energy company
  • Development of a growth plan for the origination business of a leading global energy company

Transformation and restructuring

  • Performance transformation and organizational restructuring for a German regional utility (incl. distribution grids, generation, retail, external services, and overhead services)
  • Performance transformation program for a German tour operator
  • Performance transformation program for a German company in the basic materials sector
  • Cost reduction and revenue enhancement program for an international chemical company

M&A and Post Merger Integration (PMI)

  • Post Merger Integration programm for a global oil major after the acquisition of the oil trading unit of a leading international investment bank
  • Carve-out of the national trading activities of seven country organisations of a European energy company and merger into a new global trading unit
  • Buy-side M&A-support: Due Dilligence of a European oil storage company
  • Sell-side M&A-support: Development of the strategy, business plan, and investor story for the sales process of a European building material company

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